Alarm Adviser Training

The eLearning courses on Alarm Adviser is composed of multiple modules covering topics such as a generic overview, solution capabilities, differentiation, installation, configuration, dashboards, and analysis. eLearning modules include several demos and examples. 2 eLearning courses are available to purchase - Alarm Adviser and Alarm Adviser 2014 R2 SP1.
Who should attend?
Web-based learning is targeted at Engineers, application developers, System Integrators, and other individuals who use Application Server to configure and manage their alarms.
Target audience for Alarm Adviser trainings
 Pre-requisites to attend the Alarm Adviser training
Familiarity with Wonderware Application Server and the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is recommended.
Ranging from 5 minutes to 40 minutes, the eLearning course will cover how to identify frequent, standing, fleeting and consequential alarms, which can help analyse plant disruptions and optimise system performance. Participants on completion of the Alarm Adviser course will be able to explain what Alarm Adviser solution is, understand how to install and configure the software, solution settings, and options, create favorites and dashboards and understand the different Analysis views.
Scope of the alarm adviser training
Alarm adviser elearning overview
eLearning Overview
Multiple modules ranging are designed to get you familiarised with the solution. Web-based training includes several demos and examples to reinforce the information presented. Modules include - A brief introduction to Alarm Adviser, system requirements, various components, the architecture, and the licensing of the Alarm Adviser followed by software installation process and the configuration of the Wonderware Collector and Citect Collector. The eLearning also covers how to create and save a Favorite, and configure and save a Dashboard and various reports and explains what can be done with the information contained therein.
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