Alarm Adviser - Unlocking Value of Alarms

Operators use the alarm analysis tool to view system health at a glance. Works with InTouch, Citect SCADA, System Platform, ClearSCADA, and Wonderware Historian.
Intuitive Analysis
Intuitive charts enable you to isolate and analyze nuisance alarms across the alarm systems.
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The eLearning courses on Alarm Adviser is composed of multiple modules covering topics such as a generic overview, solution capabilities, differentiation, installation, configuration, dashboards, and analysis. eLearning modules include several demos and examples. 2 eLearning courses are available to purchase - Alarm Adviser and Alarm Adviser 2014 R2 SP1.
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Picture of Alarm Adviser - Unlocking Value of Alarms
Out-of-the-box Alarm Analysis
Access or view alarm dashboards, charts and reports anywhere, anytime, and from any device via a HTML 5 web browser. Compliance with alarm management regulations. Reduces operator overload, process downtime, and ultimately increases production. Intuitive setup, configuration and use, and saves thousands of dollars in engineering costs and time. Centralized root cause alarm analysis saves engineers from visits to remote locations.
Superior Alarm Analysis. Greater Process Insight.
Alarm Adviser latest release brings together more data sources and enhanced troubleshooting capabilities. Enhancements to the demo mode include retrieval of up to 1 million alarm records, simplified navigation, drill-down capability from all dashboards directly to analysis reports and hone in on the desired problem periods.  Newly integrated Clear SCADA collector with consolidated remote site alarm data provides the ability to identify nuisance alarms from multiple and disparate ClearSCADA systems. It also negates the need to be onsite, saving valuable engineering time, effort and costs.
Picture of Alarm Adviser - Unlocking Value of Alarms
Picture of Alarm Adviser - Unlocking Value of Alarms
Connectivity - Extends Operational Value with Greater Insight into Process Data
Alarm Adviser 2017 offers seamless connectivity to our range of market-leading HMI/SCADA industrial automation solutions including Wonderware System Platform, Wonderware InTouch, Citect SCADA, ClearSCADA, Wonderware Historian.
Alarm Status Benchmark
Dashboard metrics provide the status and health of your alarm system at a glance.
Benchmark for alarms
Optimized Scenario
Optimize alarms with powerful analysis tools designed for existing SCADAs, and supervisory systems such as Citect SCADA, ClearSCADA, Wonderware System Platform, and InTouch
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