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Alarm App

Provides an "out of the box" set of capabilities for rich run-time, and historical alarming within your supervisory screens. Little effort to implement and global configuration. Built as a native application for System Platform Intouch OMI.
Alarm Run-time Control
  • Acknowledgement by buttons
  • Filtering
  • Alarms and Events or Alarms
  • Navigate to Asset
Picture of Alarm App
Picture of Alarm App
Historical Alarms, Rich Navigation
  • Group by header
  • Alarms, alarms and events, or events filter
  • Navigate to asset
Global Alarm App Configuration/ Setting
  • Simple to set up
  • Works across all alarm apps in Galaxy
  • Rich in capability
Picture of Alarm App
Optimised Scenario
Targeting alarm management for InTouch OMI solutions only
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