Asset Excellence Journey to Maximize Asset Availability and Reliability

Drive operational excellence by improving asset reliability and availability to match the demand for production across the supply chain. Reliability and dependability on assets are fundamental to maximum utilization and performance.

Predict Asset Health Issues

  • Detect and diagnose issues with advanced pattern recognition
  • An equipment agnostic (rotating and static) solution monitors real-time health and performance of critical assets using artificial intelligence, advanced pattern recognition, and sophisticated data mining techniques.
  • A graphical approach unleashes advanced analysis to predict asset performance
Picture of Asset Excellence Journey to Maximize Asset Availability and Reliability

Maximize Workforce Productivity

  • A decision support system that targets the mobile workforce to improve maintenance and operational processes and ensure consistent execution of best practices by connecting stranded physical assets to digital tools and services.
  • A mobile workforce guidance system, maintenance and operational procedures can be performed on-demand as well as scheduled in advance to avoid unplanned cost and minimize planned cost while improving workforce productivity.
Picture of Asset Excellence Journey to Maximize Asset Availability and Reliability

Moving Beyond Preventive Maintenance

  • A rules-based logic solution to monitor data and events obtained from automation and sensors on assets
  • The user-defined rules initiate inspection and maintenance activities resulting in early failure detection
  • Condition-based maintenance management increases asset availability, reliability and avoids unnecessary downtime. Notifications are triggered based on rules and can be simple warnings, automated work requests, or complex workflow involving multiple departments.
  • This is a crucial module in a reliability centered maintenance or other continuous improvement strategies.
Picture of Asset Excellence Journey to Maximize Asset Availability and Reliability

Monitoring and Diagnostics-as-a-Service

A value-added service where assets are continually monitored by our engineers to provide early warning alerts and diagnostic guidance to improve reliability, reduce maintenance costs, improve equipment performance, reduce capital expenditures and reduce total cost of ownership.  The Monitoring and Diagnostics Service Centre (MDSC) located in Chicago, Ill. is staffed with subject matter experts in the fields of industrial operations and maintenance. The MDSC provides daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities to help users get the most out of their investment. Usage of machine learning and diagnostics technology, coupled with years of experience, provide early warning of equipment problems to ultimately reduce unscheduled downtime, improve reliability and control maintenance costs.
  • Daily: The predictive analytics analyst reviews alarms and warnings for signs of early equipment problems
  • Weekly: The MDSC analyst, along with an SME, prepares a report consisting of relevant items noted during the previous daily review.
  • Monthly: A summary of any currently open cases will be sent to the customer.  This synopsis will help outline items that are being monitored or are awaiting further action.
  • Quarterly: A summary of all the items reported in that period.
Picture of Asset Excellence Journey to Maximize Asset Availability and Reliability

Workforce Change Management and Onboarding

Drive operational consistency with Operator Training Simulators (OTS) and enable operators to train on a computer in an identical environment to the control room. Simulation and training tools provide in-depth process understanding through accurate simulation models of the plant that aid in process analysis and operator training.
  • A scalable computing environment (test vs. training vs. real-time)
  • Secure and flexible access control (add/edit/delete user privileges)
  • Simplified IT overhead via on-demand cloud infrastructure
  • Flexible usage and pricing models
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality for immersive experiences
Picture of Asset Excellence Journey to Maximize Asset Availability and Reliability

Closing the Performance Gap with Advanced Analytics

Capture and analyze real-time data generated from the process and equipment, providing closed-loop tuning and management for higher asset performance and enhanced operations control. Address the performance gaps caused by isolated data, inability to capture and share tacit knowledge, and failure to respond quickly to non-conformance events.
  • KPI manager increases decision support and awareness.
  • Event manager to extract and present event details across multiple assets.
  • Decision manager for a case management capability to store alerts, events, and tasks through their life cycles.
  • Operations console is the face of the predictive performance management application and provides the client experience framework.
  • Operational data management provides self-service semantic processing to consolidate multiple sources of data into one “integrated version of the truth.”
  • Predictive asset analytics solution provides early warning notifications and diagnosis of equipment issues days, weeks or months before failure.
Picture of Asset Excellence Journey to Maximize Asset Availability and Reliability