Asset Information Management

Cloud based access to a digital twin of up-to-date, accurate and complete information that describes the current condition of the physical asset.
Virtually Represent Asset Performance and Status
  • Use SOP's(Standard Operating Procedures) to plan and develop a Virtually Walk-in Plant
  • Recreate and review incidents virtually
  • Display and Annotate major equipment
  • Virtually plan commission activities
  • Provides accurate asset decision Support - 60% reduction in search times with immediate connections to all information in context
  • Improved operator training by creating & executing virtual scenarios (such as lockout/tag-out, planning, emergency response)  and Improved Operator Readiness with superior information handover
Picture of Asset Information Management
Picture of Asset Information Management
Show Me - Visualize and Access Asset Information Immediately and In-Context
  • Maintenance - Show me work orders that are due next week?
  • Documents -  Show me the documents and drawings related to this equipment?
  • Materials - Show me the BOM, materials catalog, and materials master data
  • Safety - Show me all the permits and concurrent work in an area
  • Operations - Show me the current system temperature and pressure
  • Inspection - Show me corrosion trends for in-plant systems
  • People - Collaboratively view plant data between remote sites and H/O
  • Engineering - Obtain accurate measurements and review new designs
The Business Case
  • To eliminate or reduce the discrepancies between as-designed asset information and its true current as-operating equivalent
  • To establish a reliable engineering baseline before a major turnaround project
  • To facilitate the capture of brownfield data when working with information engineering partners
  • To establish an Information Management foundation for the long-term development of upper-decile business process efficiency
Picture of Asset Information Management
Optimized Scenario
To provide operators with unique, context driven, digital insights to their asset; to design, review, plan and execute work more safely and efficiently.
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Windows Operating System
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