AVEVA™ APM Assessment

Identify strategic optimization opportunities for maximum return that takes into account key factors, such as, company objectives, dynamics of the organizations, regulatory requirements, supply chain, maintenance drivers and KPIs.
Industry Experience and Proven Solutions
  • Deliver not only insights but transplant them into a pragmatic action plan.
  • With decades of industry experience and proven solutions, our team has over 1,000 years of combined consultancy experience to real business value.
  • Benefit from strategic optimization opportunities for maximum return.
Picture of AVEVA™ APM Assessment
Picture of AVEVA™ APM Assessment
Insights into Improvement Opportunities
  • The assessment includes a maturity score on 14 essential points that are benchmarked against industry standards.
  • This maturity score provides prioritized insights into improvement opportunities, the benefits those changes would deliver in addition to the sequence and action plan for when and how these should be implemented, involving people, processes, and systems.
Road-map for Asset Improvement Opportunities
  • Gain a clear understanding of the current status of the business and where improvement opportunities will provide the quickest financial return.
  • The assessment also includes a comprehensive action plan to execute against that strategy.
Picture of AVEVA™ APM Assessment
Solution Practice
Optimized Scenario
The assessment provides insight across four key areas related to managing scarce resources, critical assets, tight budgets and achieving compliance.
Oil & Gas
Water & Wastewater
Power & Utilities
Pulp & Paper