Automation as a Service - Assessment

Provide single-cost, value-added services for upgrading, maintaining, and improving customer systems and training customers to operate them. It’s designed to help manufacturers maximize value from their automation assets while controlling their support and development cost
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It’s Not Easy For Manufacturers To Maintain A Traditional Model Of In-house Engineering
Manufacturers are experiencing reduced headcounts and tighter capital budgets and typically are faced with one of two scenarios:
  • The demands of project definition and execution further overwhelm in-house engineers already swamped with constant support calls.
  • Business constraints make it impossible for a company to sustain dedicated, in-house engineering.
As a result, the project focus disappears; upgrades, improvements, and maintenance are perpetually delayed; efficiency never improves; technology levels fall further behind current levels and the end outcome is that innovation vanishes
Avanceon Automation as a Service
Avanceon Automation as a Service
With This Service, Manufacturers Receive
  • A reliable Center of Competence
  • Unique technology tools applied to support their assets
  • Additional expert personnel when and where necessary
  • Solutions, factory automation, and process optimization expertise with no capital investment
  • Scalable services to plan, implement and/or expand changes with minimal increases in monthly spend. Through an SLA contract, Avanceon provides its clients with automation upgrades, obsolescence remediation, maintenance delivery, and breakdown repairs
Geting Started
In order to start IIAS there is a required assessment, interview and Service level alignment phase. We have our service and support experts perform the initial assessment.  This assessment typically takes 1 to 3 days to complete.  From the assessment the overall IIAS plan can be developed and the specific SLA put in place.  The assessment is only for a small and reasonable cost
Avanceon Automation as a Service
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