Automation Check Up & Obsolescence Planning Service

Obsolescence is inevitable and the best way to manage it cost-effectively is to have a plan in place to mitigate the manufacture’s exposure and develop a phased plan across financial periods
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Automation Technology Evolves At An Amazing Rate
The computer chips and processors that powered the systems of the 90’s and 2000’s have been put out to pasture and replaced with more powerful technology available in today’s models.  As a result, manufacturers are tasked with knowing which areas of the plant are controlled and orchestrated by old and potentially frail automation technology components. In many cases, replacement parts and technology support are no longer available from the original equipment provider and manufacturers are resorting to E-bay to obtain repaired obsolete components.   The reality of limited availability at the point of failure has caused unease in the manufacturing space as it relates to obsolete technology replacement.
Automation Check Up
Automation Check Up/Obsolescence Plan
Automation Check Up/Obsolescence Plan
A valuable tool when identifying what systems to prioritize in the capital plan and allows peace of mind to understand what risks are currently being assumed by the manufacturer and which ones are over the risk tolerance level.  In addition, the plan allows for the selection of upgrades and agreed pricing structure for the execution either by others, the manufacturer or Avanceon.
Plan to Execution
Leverage senior automation expertise to assess your current manufacturing technology obsolescence level, develop a prioritized plan and execution strategy against a fiscal plan period that the manufacturer prescribes. Each assessment is typically 2 to 3 days with associated plan development time for a small and reasonable cost.
Obsolescence Plan
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