AutoSave for System Platform

AVEVA endorsed object-level change management for Wonderware System Platform
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Lower Risk and Increase Control
AutoSave for System Platform captures all object changes as they are made so even the most recently updated objects, including graphics, templates, instances and more can be restored.
  • Remove undesired changes
  • Detect differences in versions
  • Gain insight into an object’s associations
  • Restore object changes following a Galaxy restoration
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Endorsed Software Partner
AutoSave for System Platform the only product endorsed by AVEVA to provide change management for Wonderware System Platform. MDT Software works directly with Wonderware to ensure compatibility with the System Platform product to help customers get greater value out of their investment.
Capture Changes as They are Made
The AutoSave for System Platform software runs on the Galaxy Repository (GR) system and acts as a monitor of incoming activity while capturing changes as they are made. By actively managing the GR, AutoSave for System Platform can track changes by multiple users, simultaneously. AutoSave for System Platform has an intuitive client interface that provides access to historical data archived in the AutoSave Server. This includes graphical objects, templates and client controls.
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Ease of Installation & Use
Installation of the AutoSave software is straight-forward, with an automated export of data from the Wonderware Galaxy Repository into the AutoSave system. Once installed, AutoSave for System Platform works in the background and is updated whenever changes occur in the Galaxy Repository.
Optimized Scenario
Object-level change management for System Platform that delivers a comprehensive audit trail enabling engineers to compare and “undo” changes to objects, templates, and instances within System Platform
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Microsoft SQL Server
Windows Server
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