Autoware s.r.l Expertise Services

Expert advice from the early stages of the project to define objectives and areas of intervention and choose the most appropriate solutions to the client’s needs.
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Smart Manufacturing
Smart Manufacturing allows the manufacturer to reach new levels of efficiency, automation, and connectivity, integrating at all value chain levels.
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CSIA Certification
Autoware is certified by CSIA since 2014. The certification is specific for integrators and provides the Best Practices that transversally cover all the companies areas. Being CSIA certified means having implemented the Best Practices guidelines, that is, having structured a Project Management System and Quality Assurance, an organizational, evaluation, growth and enhancement of human resources plan, a strategic, commercial and marketing plan, a qualified system in terms of Information Technology.”
Business Care
A dedicated support program, that takes care of you and your business, through a complete portfolio of services designed specifically to support the entire lifecycle of manufacturing systems installed, and therefore to protect and improve the whole business!
  • Downtime reduction during maintenance
  • Time and costs reduction
  • Product quality improvement and waste reduction
  • Production planning improvement
  • Increased flexibility
  • Human resources management
  • Improvement in workers skills
  • Improvement in remote technical support and on-site technical support
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Life Sciences
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