Optimize the performance of the control system and its underlying process equipment using advanced process control models for process manipulation. Reduce implementation and commission time by up to 50 percent.
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Enables real-time and Adaptive Control
  • Identifies and quantifies integral cause-and-effect relationships, offering insight into process characteristics and incorporates a dynamic process model to provide tighter quality control.
  • Includes a highly unique option for ARx models, which are proven to have superior performance to unmeasured dynamic load changes.
  • Manage changing process conditions online.
Picture of AVEVA™ APC
Picture of AVEVA™ APC
Intuitive User Interface
Natural user workflow designed to support multiple windows, powerful trending, fast user training, friendly touchscreen, and customized information views to maximize the Advanced Process Control engineer efficiency.
  • It provides an auto-discovery wizard that captures the specific syntax of any DCS or PLC, including Foxboro Evo or I/A Series DCS for an even faster build-up of tag connections.
  • Integration with DYNSIM gives the opportunity to shorten plant testing and commissioning schedules.
  • Compliant with the latest industry standards for data connectivity such as OPC, allowing direct and efficient access to process data.
Picture of AVEVA™ APC
Picture of AVEVA™ APC
Director software allows the control engineer to build custom calculations or add custom-support controller functions that augment the user’s experience.
Identify and Build Models
  • Guidance to simplify models and support to create multiple scenarios for a single model.
  • Visualization of results provides further help to best fit model selection.
Picture of AVEVA™ APC
Optimized Scenario
Essential to a wide range of process operations in improving quality and increasing operating profit.
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