AVEVA Assembly Planning

Define the build strategy for a ship, improve coordination between design and production and interact with other systems for resource and material planning.
Streamline Production Processes
  • Organize the design data into production assemblies and manage the assembly production breakdown structure in the form of a hierarchical assembly tree.
  • Support the definition of the vessel build strategy and the creation of critical assembly production information.
Picture of AVEVA Assembly Planning
Picture of AVEVA Assembly Planning
Plan the Most Cost-effective Assembly Sequence
  • Model parts from both the hull and outfitting disciplines are collected to the relevant assembly in the assembly production breakdown structure.
  • Minimize production costs by maximising the level of pre-outfitting at each stage of assembly.
  • Playback the assembly sequence, step by step on the screen, to clarify the process.
  • Changes in the design will automatically be visible in the production documents.
Coordinate Drawings and Documents in an Installation Sequence Order - so Costs are Lower and Lead times are Shorter
  • Create composite assembly drawings and parts lists from Steel Working Drawings, Build Strategy documents and Installation Drawings made in various formats by different departments in the shipyard.
  • Assembly Planning can create a manufacturing bill of materials and all associated drawings that are needed in typical ERP systems used in shipyards so any design change that impacts the manufacturing Bill of Material is easily managed.
Picture of AVEVA Assembly Planning
Optimized Scenario
Optimize utilization of shipbuilding facilities by managing both the planning and the physical assembly efficiently.
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