AVEVA Change Manager

Best practice, fully audited, end-to-end, engineering change management.
Changes to Technical Information are Fully Managed
  • Reservation of new tags and documents resulting from changes entered directly by a user interface or by an upload process
  • Validation of all data against information handover specifications, external application registers and code tables
Picture of AVEVA Change Manager
Picture of AVEVA Change Manager
Seamless Multi-System Integration
  • Combined with AVEVA NET, the solution highlights information changes to its users, enabling better-informed decision making
  • Implemented as a combined solution with AVEVA NET Gatekeeper, users are able to validate new and legacy data against configurable, predefined information standards before making controlled updates using AVEVA Change Manager
  • Integration with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Document Management (DM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, whether AVEVA’s or third-party
Controlled Updates and a Complete Audit Trail
  • Check-in and check-out control of tags and documents, for managing concurrent updates
  • Role-based user access control, enabling internal and external organizations to manage large quantities of information in an orderly manner
  • Tools to provide configurable reports and key performance indicators on data quality
Picture of AVEVA Change Manager
Optimized Scenario
Functional and visible management of permanent information changes in digital assets that accompany many small and large changes made to a physical asset throughout its life cycle.
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System Requirements
Windows Operating System