AVEVA Decision Support Solution

Hide complexity and surface important information to support human abilities in interpretation, judgment and decision making.

Elements of Decision Support

  • A fundamental requirement of any effective solution is that the information asset itself should be coherent and of known quality
  • This involves both contextualising information by linking related items of data and validating it to ensure that data meets defined criteria of quality and completeness and that any inconsistent or missing data is clearly identified
  • This requirement is readily met using AVEVA NET technology, which can aggregate data of all types and from any source systems
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The Digital Twin is the Backbone of Decision Support

  • A digital twin is the information core of every facility. It continuously represents the physical asset, providing a record of its changes and a platform from which to predict its future
  • A digital twin in 3D makes visually interpreting information even easier, for example, to see how a complex design works or to reveal clashes that would be concealed in a 2D view
  • A complete AVEVA NET-based implementation of a digital twin will comprise a number of ‘building block’ applications, configured according to particular requirements
Picture of AVEVA Decision Support Solution

High-Quality Visual Rendering and Real-time Interactivity

  • Massively complex and detailed 3D models can be rotated, zoomed and sectioned in real time to quickly locate any object of interest with AVEVA Engage
  • AVEVA NET technology underpins the user interactivity by maintaining an aggregated information asset, while context technology links the two together so as to present only directly relevant and validated information
Picture of AVEVA Decision Support Solution

Decision Support in both the Design and Operate Stages

  • In the project phase, AVEVA Engage is a powerful tool for design review and project decision making, particularly where the status information is made available
  • Since AVEVA NET also supports progressive handover and asset operations, AVEVA Engage can be used by the project’s client from an early stage, ultimately becoming a tool for asset management
Picture of AVEVA Decision Support Solution