AVEVA™ Discrete Lean Management

Use digital tools to rapidly adopt Lean Manufacturing best practices and paperless work management to drive higher levels of discrete manufacturing productivity, flexibility, reliability, and cost competitiveness.
Enable Digital Transformation
  • Allows manufacturers to quickly start their digital transformation journey, with predefined digital operation management content based on industry best practices
  • Achieve a fast ROI by identifying low-risk, high-yield opportunities with insights into the hidden causes of productivity loss
  • Provides a foundation for data-driven continuous improvement
  • Increase productivity, flexibility, reliability, and lower manufacturing cost
Picture of AVEVA™ Discrete Lean Management
Picture of AVEVA™ Discrete Lean Management
Standard Solution with a Clear Scope
  • Manufacturers can prove the value of digital transformation quickly and plan their journeys better
  • A what-you-see-is-what-you-get solution for low risk and low uncertainty in budget and delivery
  • Easy to deploy and delivers quick time to value
Digital Lean Approach
  • Utilize a set of digital tools to help you quickly adopt proven industry-standard Lean practices to reduce production losses and to continuously improve discrete production line effectiveness
  • The ready to use digital Lean tools allow manufacturers to become Lean practitioners by adopting practices such as Andon, Jidoka, Kaizen, KPIs, Muda, OEE, Root Cause Analysis, and Six Big Losses
Picture of AVEVA™ Discrete Lean Management
Ready to Use Digital Lean and Work Management Tools
  • Performance Management – Capture labor and equipment effectiveness KPIs and loss reasons for dashboard visualization, reporting and root cause analysis
  • Andon – Production issues notification and dashboard visualization to prevent or reduce production losses through effective response and team collaboration
  • Work Order Management – digital and centralized production work order management and allocation to production lines for execution reporting and tracking
  • Digital Work Instruction – Paperless step by step work instructions, documents and videos, in a product context
Low Start Up Cost, Known and Manageable Operation Cost
  • AVEVA Discrete Lean Management is subscription-based
  • As it is a use-as-it-is software, the deployment is fast, and the engineering cost is low
  • The lower startup cost is an additional benefit and the amount of software operation costs every year is known beforehand
Picture of AVEVA™ Discrete Lean Management
Optimized Scenario
Smarter Manufacturing through the digitization of Lean and Work Management
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System Requirements
Microsoft SQL Server
Windows Server