AVEVA™ E3D Structural Design

A powerful, productive and complete structural steel detailing solution, catering to all aspects of steel engineering work from layout to fabrication. Will immediately improve visibility and data ownership, thus reducing costs.
Get Your Design Right And Minimize Errors, Rework And Schedule Overruns
  • Allows design integration in the first phases of a project and makes it easier to work on difficult details upfront
  • True integration with the multi-discipline Everything 3D, AVEVA Outfitting and AVEVA FabTrol enable more control, visibility, change management, communication, and clash checking
  • Collaboration between steelwork and layout/outfitting designers results in accurate multi-discipline model and layout drawings
  • This is the No.1 solution for complex modeling geometry
Picture of AVEVA™ E3D Structural Design
Picture of AVEVA™ E3D Structural Design
Increased Standardization = Increased Efficiency
  • The range of multi-industry templates/macros provides automated capabilities regardless of project type
  • The system can produce projects for clients who need to create their own connections and modeling tools.
  • Digital welds with steel preparation, numbering, ID, and reporting are in accordance with design and safety regulations
  • Directly links to welding robots to increase production
  • Open interoperability with architectural, mechanical, plant, and marine multi-discipline systems
Fabrication Automation that Stimulates Creativity
  • Automatic, accurate, rapid CNC manufacture (dictates the movement of factory tools and can be used to control a range of complex machinery)
  • Precise Platework development
  • Fabrication, shop, and assembly drawings - Highest quality, fully detailed, shop ready
  • Accurate and efficient material optimization for estimation and procurement
  • Exploded 3D Views for safe efficient and rapid installation
Picture of AVEVA™ E3D Structural Design
Optimized Scenario
Advanced detailed steel work design and fabrication.
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Windows Operating System
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