AVEVA™ Edge Management

Remotely deploy, manage, and update edge modules developed by AVEVA and its partners to manage the increasing number of connected edge devices, such as sensors, valves, pumps, or other field devices.
Reduce Costs with Remote Management of Multiple Devices
  • Instead of individually maintaining disparate devices across multiple networks, AVEVA Edge Management makes it easy to securely manage and maintain edge devices from one central location.
  • Save time and money to reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • Easily leveraged to deploy AVEVA Edge SCADA and AVEVA Edge IoT View.
Picture of AVEVA™ Edge Management
Picture of AVEVA™ Edge Management
Simplify Device and Application Deployment
  • AVEVA Edge Management ensures that all your industrial devices can be maintained from anywhere, anytime.
  • Rather than relying solely on local expertise, the status and health of devices and deployed applications can be monitored remotely. Applications can be standardized across different locations.
  • This makes it easier than ever to maintain the currency of devices.
Deploy with AVEVA Flex
Leverage AVEVA Flex credits directly to deploy modules for assigned periods of time or automatically renew the deployment each month.
Picture of AVEVA™ Edge Management
Optimized Scenario
Remotely manage a fleet of edge devices, or filter data from the edge through the systems that can use it to make intelligent decisions.
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Windows Operating System
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