AVEVA™ Energy Performance

Optimize process energy use and reduce unplanned downtime for improved performance in F&B, CPG, and general manufacturing.
Contextualized Energy Data
  • AVEVA Energy Performance contextualizes energy data from an Energy monitoring system (like Power Monitoring Expert and/or Historian) and manufacturing operational data (from MES or Line Performance)
  • Utilizing AVEVA Intelligence, AVEVA Energy Performance enables a detailed analysis of energy consumption on the production floor.
Picture of AVEVA™ Energy Performance
Energy Monitoring and Cost Allocation
  • Collect, calculate, and report costs for buildings, departments, processes, shifts, lines, and equipment
  • Reduce expenses, enable best practices, and validate all your conservation initiatives
  • Reduce peak demand, power factor penalties
  • Enable best practices and validate all  conservation initiatives.
Optimize Equipment Utilization
  • Keep track of key electrical parameters in your equipment and prolong the life of critical assets
  • Real-time and historical data reveals relationships between equipment and conditions affecting system stability
  • Monitor the power consumed by equipment and profile their electrical performance
Picture of AVEVA™ Energy Performance
Picture of AVEVA™ Energy Performance
Optimize Process Energy
  • Operate with energy cost as a real business driver
  • Track energy intensity KPIs and monitor energy usage in the context of process events
  • Monitor energy per shift/crew, energy per batch, energy per work order, energy per product, and energy per production state
Electrical Network Reliability 
  • Simplified details of the power distribution systems are provided for facility people to ensure electrical network health is in check at all times.
  • Validate that power quality complies with industry standards.
Picture of AVEVA™ Energy Performance
Industry Solution
Optimized Scenario
Plant energy optimization and stabilization in a process context - Ideal for F&B manufacturing plants
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System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System