AVEVA Engage

Provides a connected view of project and asset information using data referenced in AVEVA NET. Efficient and effective decision support capability for capital projects and operations environments.
Contextualized Digital Assets - At Your Fingertips
  • Immediate access to a wealth of resources within the digital asset.
  • Touch user experience can be combined with huge UHD touch-screen devices available today to provide powerful whole-model visualization with immediate contextually-filtered access to validated, relevant documents and information.
Picture of AVEVA Engage
Picture of AVEVA Engage
Rich Functionality in the 3D Model Forwards Collaborative, Informed Decisions
  • Retrieval - Every tagged object is selectable and is backed by the full contextual information that resides in the customer’s Digital Asset, available to be recalled and viewed at the touch of the screen.
  • Perspective View - whatever engineering data and drawings the customer needs -schematics, equipment drawings, single-line diagrams, instrument loops or layout plans - in context with the 3D model, for more fully informed decision making.
  • Visualization - Entirely touch-driven, ultra-high-definition (UHD), with immediate response to movement and manipulation. Ability to section and view internal details.
Serves up immense value to existing customers of Everything 3D and AVEVA NET
Watch this short, descriptive video where Lundin Norway, a valued AVEVA customer, and a full-spectrum oil company demonstrates exactly that.
Optimized Scenario
AVEVA Engage helps to improve the speed and quality of decisions by using 3D as a common visual language for multi-discipline teams.
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