Lowers costs with smarter data-driven procurement and enables collaborative decision making by passing structured data between design tools, scheduling applications and purchasing systems.
Accurate Material Information from Initial Design Definition to Procurement and Delivery with AVEVA Material
  • Management of the many different catalog items on a project.
  • Initial estimates for bulk material are subsequently refined.
  • Automated generation of material requisitions - including requests for quotation or proposals
  • Senior management can monitor the project’s financial status relating to material, work, labour, and direct costs.
  • Invoice verification and streamlined Inventory control.
  • Closely Integrated with the Plant and Marine Portfolio.
Picture of AVEVA ERM
Picture of AVEVA ERM
Ensure Consistency of Component Data Across Consuming Systems with AVEVA Catalogue
  • Create and manage unique, structured names that conform to defined rules.
  • Automatically generate consistent long and short descriptions.
  • Use and re-baseline existing legacy structured naming conventions.
  • Create and allocate a unique part number using either class-based coding or user-specified naming conventions.
  • Define a limited subset of a corporate catalog, for use on a specific project.
  • Provide governance when this information is distributed to other systems such as 3D design, materials management and procurement.
Closed-loop Feedback between Planning and Control with AVEVA Planning
  • Enables seamlessly integrated vertical planning, either top-down, from the initial outline plan down to detailed operation and control, or from the bottom up.
  • Effective management of resources and the creation of accurate work packages.
  • Promotes maximum schedule adherence and minimum rework in construction.
Picture of AVEVA ERM
Link Planning, Materials, and Resources with AVEVA Production
  • Enable fabrication, erection, and outfitting tasks to proceed as planned.
  • Work packages created during project planning are broken into smaller activities (work orders and jobs) in production planning, keeping work packages to a manageable size.
  • Combine the production plan with a 3D model enabling the simulation of work over any given time period, and visually verify the elements in a particular task before it takes place.
  • The Production Control feature enables the overview and handling of all outstanding and scheduled work for the individuals responsible.
Optimized Scenario
Procurement, Construction , Project controls, and Start-up have the same level of inefficiencies and greatly increase the total installed cost of an EPC project. The Enterprise Resource Management System streamlines procurement, provides for data driven decision making and integrates systems into an object-centric/data-centric environment.
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