The global market-leading information and production management system for steel fabrication encompassing all integral parts of the fabrication process.
Estimations,Drawings, Transmittal's, RFI Logging, and Change Orders - Made Easy.
  • Drag and drop images into the system to quickly bring in design and subcontract drawing, specs, and miscellaneous attachments.
  • Send and receive multiple drawing types with multiple statuses out on the same transmittal.
  • Log RFI's automatically; Associated documents are automatically sent with and stored with that RFI.
  • Pending /approved financial impact on any or all projects is always in view so accurate estimates inside the applicable CO are easily served up.
Picture of AVEVA FabTrol
Picture of AVEVA FabTrol
First Class Multi-Shop Management For On Time Delivery
  • Route parts and assemblies to the right shop at the right time to undergo the correct process.
  • Track production progress of each part by shop and status.
  • Manage separate stock and storage areas for multiple locations.
  • Create nesting solutions using stock from one or multiple locations.
  • Move assemblies between shops or to subcontractors and back again.
  • Ship assemblies from shops or subcontractors to the job site.
High Level Summary Dashboard
FabTrol provides for all of your material management, information management, and project-related needs.
  • See project details summarized in one report.
  • Run reports for one or multiple projects.
  • View online, print for production meetings or email PDFs.
Picture of AVEVA FabTrol
Optimized Scenario
Overviews of projects, stock, job status and progress are a few of the useful tools that come with FabTrol, allowing key stakeholders to see the location, progress and and status of all jobs, materials and information.
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