AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller

Verify the structural strength of a hull and meet increasingly stringent vibration criteria for passenger comfort, noise, and stability of weapons or radar platforms.
Specialist know-how for idealising a real hull structure into an efficient mesh at your fingertips.
  • Hull structural design is a unique discipline, with many rules and principles not found in other steelwork applications.
  • Once the designer creates or repositions structural elements, Hull Finite Element Modeller applies intelligence to the idealization process.
  • Finite Element Analysis is a computational technique for stress and vibration analysis which entails the idealization of a physical structure as a mesh of a very large number of small elements.
  • AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller applies default mesh parameters and idealizations which accurately translate the majority of the true design intent at the first pass and allows the structural analyst to adjust these as necessary to fine tune the mesh.
Picture of AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller
Picture of AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller
Reduce the risk of having to rework a fabricated hull structure.
  • Weed out major problems early and bring forward Classification Society submission.
  • Easy FEA (Finite Element Analysis) encourages more extensive analysis and optimization to increase design quality and/or to achieve further hull cost savings.
  • Various idealization parameters may be adjusted to optimize the mesh to suit the purpose of the analysis.
Mitigate skill shortage and halve the required effort.
  • Delivers power and ease of use for everyday needs, while avoiding configuration complexities.
  • Idealising hull structures can be very laborious and repetitive; Automating much of the laborious idealization work, saves a lot of cost and time.
  • Yard capacity is finite and a delay on one project can have a knock-on impact on others. Shipyard managers appreciate not only the direct savings, but also the reduction it can make in program risk.
Picture of AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller
Optimized Scenario
Users commonly run AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller twice; First to identify and fix issues on the spot in the early design phase and later once the design is sufficiently detailed for a final approval submission.
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