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AVEVA Hull Structural Design

Flexible modeling and drafting tools create, in only a few hours, the structural model for classification documents. This allows for the management of the preliminary hull structural definition and topological dependencies, in a timely manner.
Critical element in production planning.
  • Drawings can be made in parallel with the modelling of the 3D steel structure through the close integration between modelling and drafting tasks.
  • 2D views in a drawing can be converted into surfaces and thus oriented in 3D space.
  • Parametric modelling functions for hull structures containing plating, holes and stiffeners are available.
  • Reuse earlier production designs by removing block seams and other production details.
Picture of AVEVA Hull Structural Design
Picture of AVEVA Hull Structural Design
Efficient analysis tools
  • Weld lengths for blocks or assemblies can be calculated, based on a preliminary steel model, and all individual weld lengths can be reported.
  • Preliminary block weights, painting areas, and centers of gravity can also be quickly obtained for any selected part of the model.
  • Alternative design and dimensioning approaches can be analyzed for details such as steel weights, surface areas or section modulus.
Synchronized views can be maintained with AVEVA Hull Structural Design and AVEVA Hull Detailed Design.
  • Enables a design view for the structural design engineers and a production view for the detailed design engineers.
  • The structural engineers create and maintain the design elements, while the detail designers work with the production specifications.
  • In this way, detailed design can start before the structural design is approved and can be continuously updated in a controlled manner.
Picture of AVEVA Hull Structural Design
Optimized Scenario
Classification drawings, steel material estimates, weld lengths, Weights and center of Gravity reports can all be produced with AVEVA Hull Structural Design.
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