AVEVA Hull Initial Design

Rapidly define initial ship geometry in 3D, perform naval architectural, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis with a comprehensive suite of advanced software applications and products.
Use AVEVA Initial Design Geometry for hull form creation in preliminary design, or for full production fairing.
  • Create virtually any form of marine vehicle, including multi-hulls, chined and asymmetrical hulls.
  • The hull form is initially represented as a loosely-connected mesh of curves that are used to semi-automatically create a surface.
  • Advanced mathematical techniques are incorporated for automatic curve fairing and surface smoothing.
  • The quality of the surface can be assessed using isophotes to visualize fairness and continuity.
  • Quick definition of transverse and longitudinal bulkheads, decks, compartments and superstructure.
Picture of AVEVA Hull Initial Design
Picture of AVEVA Hull Initial Design
Assess Naval architectural routines using AVEVA Initial Design Hydrostatics.
  • Hydrostatics, cross curves, sectional area curves and deadweight scale.
  • Continuous flooding simulation. Loading conditions with stability and longitudinal strength.
  • Tonnage measurement, freeboard, floodable length and equipment number.
  • Static and dynamic launching calculations and Inclining experiment analysis.
  • Particularly sophisticated routines are included for damage stability assessment and comprehensive graphical and tabular output is available throughout.
Predict the performance of vessels using AVEVA Initial Design Hydrodynamics.
  • Powering - Propeller optimization, Ship powering characteristics, Use of resistance ratios from model tests.
  • Seakeeping - Sectional hydrodynamic coefficients. Regular wave responses (RAO's), Short-term, irregular vessel responses (RMS's) and Long-term seakeeping performance predictions.
  • Manoeuvring -  Crash stop calculation, Zig-zag manoeuvre, Turning manoeuvre, Reverse spiral calculation.
  • Dynamic Positioning - Thruster requirements for a given environment, Environmental Regularity Number (ERN) calculation.
Picture of AVEVA Hull Initial Design
Optimized Scenario
AVEVA Initial Design is best used as the front end of the complete, integrated AVEVA Marine solution, but it can also be used on its own for conceptual design.
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