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AVEVA™ Insight Newsfeed OMI App

Bring the value of AVEVA Insight’s artificial intelligence newsfeed engine into the control room. Automatically detect anomalies in your data and present this in a context-aware view for your operations team.
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Identify. Investigate. Improve.
  • Anomalies detected by AVEVA Insight are presented in a tabular view within OMI, with simple yet powerful sorting, filtering, and searching capabilities to help your operators find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
  • Details for each anomaly are displayed in a fold-out side panel showing the asset, a summary of the anomaly, and a chart highlighting when the anomaly occurred which can be opened full-screen for a more in-depth diagnosis.
  • Anomalies can be classified as either useful or not useful, which is used to help improve the Artificial Intelligence algorithms, so you see more of what’s valuable and less of what isn’t.
Picture of AVEVA™ Insight Newsfeed OMI App
Picture of AVEVA™ Insight Newsfeed OMI App
Follow OMI Context
  • Newsfeed allows operators to identify potential anomalies in their data as they occur, providing an integrated tabular-view of all system anomalies that can be quickly filtered for simple review in conjunction with other system information.
  • OMI to Newsfeed App: Under the right conditions, changes in OMI context will apply filtering within the Newsfeed App such that only stories that match the current OMI asset context are shown.
  • Newsfeed App to OMI: Drives the current OMI context when a News Story (anomaly) is selected in the Details view, effecting the active context of other OMI Apps in the same layout.
Your At-a-glance Health Check
  • In addition to the tabular Details view, Newsfeed OMI App also includes a Summary view, providing you a heads-up display of how many anomalies have been detected across the entire system.
  • These are also automatically grouped into read and unread, so you know how many are waiting for your review.
  • The Summary view provides direct filtered navigation into the Details view, making it quick and easy to show just the unread anomalies.
Picture of AVEVA™ Insight Newsfeed OMI App
Developer Tools
Optimized Scenario
Retrieve data from a cloud-based instance of Insight and show the collected records within a running ViewApp
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System Requirements
AVEVA Insight
AVEVA System Platform 2017 Update 3 Service Pack 1
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