AVEVA™ Insight - Performance

A cloud-based solution that is focused on increasing plant asset utilization and operational performance by providing accurate information on equipment downtime and efficiency.
Measure and Improve Equipment Efficiency
Real-time dashboards for:
  • Equipment KPI’s
  • Utilization and Downtime Events reporting with drill-down analysis
  • Equipment comparison and history
Picture of AVEVA™ Insight - Performance
Picture of AVEVA™ Insight - Performance
Utilization Management at your Finger Tips
  • Manual data collection and event reconciliation experience (e.g. event updates, splits, and merges) could be hosted on the cloud or edge computing devices.
  • Intuitive "ready-to-go" interface
Performance and Equipment Utilization
  • Operator Cockpit displays key performance indicators (e.g. OEE) for a select time period (e.g. current day, last hour, last 8 hours)
  • Designed for use on tablet devices
  • Understand equipment utilization and state instantly
Picture of AVEVA™ Insight - Performance
Picture of AVEVA™ Insight - Performance
Bring your Existing Plant to Life with a Cloud Based Platform
  • Flexible Architecture and minimal impact to existing plant equipment
  • Cloud-based OEE for Performance Management
  • Application (SaaS)Automatic and/or manual Data Collection
  • Equipment Monitoring and Advanced Reporting
  • Utilization and Production Event Historization
  • Rapid Application Provisioning
  • On-Premise Edge Computing (Optional)
  • Low Entry Effort and Cost
Rapid Results
  • Enables large, small, and medium-sized enterprises to operate modern, sophisticated MES solutions at a much lower cost footprint.
  • Promotes rapid deployment, simplifying multi-site rollouts
  • Reduced application and system integration efforts deliver higher interoperability and a “single version of the truth”
  • Deploy new class of enterprise execution applications and scale-up existing applications easily.
Picture of AVEVA™ Insight - Performance
Optimized Scenario
For users looking for a standalone OEE and performance management solution with simple equipment utilization and OEE capability (e.g. no process order management, no product definition,no line definitions) and minimal on-premise infrastructure footprint (e.g. no servers and wireless sensors)
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