AVEVA™ Insight – Predictive Analytics

Upgrade your existing AVEVA Insight Subscription to unlock Predictive Analytics capabilities for increased visibility of asset performance and early detection of anomalies.
Reduce Unscheduled Downtime Costs
  • Predictive Analytics uses Supervised Machine Learning to understand an asset's individual operating history and develops a series of normal operational profiles for each specific piece of equipment.
  • AVEVA Insight – Predictive Analytics then compares the known operational profiles with real-time operating data to detect the subtle changes in system behavior that are often the early warning signs of pending equipment failure.
  • An advanced alert manager and email notification provide near real-time updates of how well a plant or system is functioning.
Picture of AVEVA™ Insight – Predictive Analytics
Picture of AVEVA™ Insight – Predictive Analytics
Combine the Power of Predictive Analytics with the Benefits of a Cloud Platform.
  • Store predictive analytics results within AVEVA Insight, for use in AVEVA Insight charts, newsfeeds, and alerts.
  • Easy to use - intuitive model building process takes minutes (vs hours) and no programming or equipment knowledge is required.
  • Browser-based access to the model building and monitoring client, no software to install on a client computer
  • Equipment agnostic; works with any equipment type or manufacturer (integrates with existing control and monitoring or historian solutions)
Achieve the Next Level of Maintenance Maturity
  • Build data-driven models using actual operating conditions
  • Advanced Pattern Recognition technology
  • Early warning detection of equipment problems
  • Online asset health and performance monitoring
  • Advanced analysis capabilities including fault diagnostics
  • Transient conditions (eg. Startup and shutdown of large equipment) anomaly detection
  • Support for data loaded in batches, instead of continuously (Near-Real-Time mode)
  • Case Investigation and documentation management
  • Support for prescriptive information based on failure modes
Picture of AVEVA™ Insight – Predictive Analytics
Optimized Scenario
Advanced analysis application for performing Root Cause Analysis on why an asset is not performing as expected.
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