AVEVA NET Gateways

Enable data from external applications to be imported into AVEVA NET, including 3D models, laser scan data, photogrammetry, 2D drawings, diagrams, and datasheets.
The Digital Twin
  • A digital twin is the information core of every facility. Also called a digital information hub, it continuously represents the physical asset, providing a record of its changes and a platform from which to predict its future
  • A complete AVEVA NET-based implementation of a digital twin will comprise a number of ‘building block’ applications, configured according to particular requirements
  • AVEVA NET Gateways role is illustrated in the diagram to the right
Picture of AVEVA NET Gateways
Picture of AVEVA NET Gateways
Unlock the Full Potential of an AVEVA NET Deployment
  • AVEVA NET Gateways are a large and growing collection of software modules that process the many disparate types of information  from documents to complex 3D model data
  • They provide the core functionality of AVEVA NET that enables comprehensive, enterprise-wide access to all types of engineering, design, project or business data
Sophisticated Tag Handling
  • Employs sophisticated text-matching algorithms which identify and compile complete tag definitions in accordance with defined naming conventions
  • Enables tag definitions to be compiled from partial tag data and associated object attributes
  • Gateways examine data across all connected sources and automatically cross-reference related tags and attributes between them
  • Missing or inconsistent tag elements are highlighted for resolution
Picture of AVEVA NET Gateways
Picture of AVEVA NET Gateways
Customize to Requirements
This unique ability to work with any form of digital data, no matter what its source or format, including 3D, 2D, structured and unstructured data  enables
  • AVEVA NET to be a single point of access for all engineering and design information, for example, making procurement and engineering data available to globally dispersed fabrication locations
  • These Gateways also enable AVEVA NET to be optimally configured for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) purposes
Optimized Scenario
AVEVA NET Gateways bring together multiple tag references about a single object.
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Windows Server
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