brings together multiple sources of engineering and operations information enabling users across businesses to securely access, validate and collaborate on the Digital Twin data, delivering fast and effective location of asset information.
The Backbone of AVEVA NET - The Digital Twin
  • AVEVA NET’s capabilities are driven by the presence of a centralized, secure, collaborative data manager, that is completely application-neutral - the digital twin
  • A digital twin is the information core of every facility. It continuously represents the physical asset, providing a record of its changes and a platform from which to predict its future
  • Non-electronic information can be digitized, integrated with legacy information, managed, controlled and exploited.
  • This can then be expanded, via AVEVA NET, to incorporate all manner of relevant digital data, from 3D design engineering models and operating cost information to real-time DCS/SCADA production data.
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Validate the integrity of incoming information with AVEVA NET Gatekeeper
  • Ensures that information is accepted into an implementation of the Digital Information Hub (DIH) in a controlled way and that it complies with defined information standards such as ISO 15926.
  • Streamlined data loading through the identification and loading of only information which is new.
  • Full reporting of compliant and non-compliant information.
  • The AVEVA NET Gatekeeper integrates directly with AVEVA NET Workhub and Dashboard.
Store, Collate, Validate, View and Search with AVEVA NET Workhub and Dashboard
  • Store information of any type and from any source in a secure environment.
  • Collate and view detailed object information through automatic linkages and associations between all items and data in the asset.
  • Data validation through highlighting of inconsistent or missing data against specified project standards
  • The Dashboard provides a single environment in which to compare, navigate, visualize, understand and report upon information from multiple systems.
  • Embed AVEVA NET search, associated content list and universal document viewing within AVEVA Everything3D, AVEVA Engineering an, AVEVA Diagrams.
Picture of AVEVA NET
Picture of AVEVA NET
Intelligent gateways that connect to and render a wide variety of information types
  • AVEVA NET Gateways are delivered as a part of an AVEVA NET implementation.
  • They are a large and growing collection of software modules that process the many disparate types of information from documents to complex 3D model data.
  • Gateways are available for both structured and unstructured data.
  • Gateways are scheduled to run at a frequency to suit business needs and ensure the information published to AVEVA NET is always up to date.
Optimized Scenario
Ensure consistency of all data and provide integration between design, project management, ERP and operations applications.
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