AVEVA NET Workhub and Dashboard

Compare, navigate, visualize, understand and report upon information from any source, all securely stored and linked together for full context.
The Digital Twin
  • A digital twin is the information core of every facility, also called a digital information hub, it continuously represents the physical asset, providing a record of its changes and a platform from which to predict its future
  • A complete AVEVA NET-based implementation of a digital twin will comprise a number of ‘building block’ applications, configured according to particular requirements
  • AVEVA NET Workhub and Dashboard's role among them is illustrated in the diagram to the right
Picture of AVEVA NET Workhub and Dashboard
Picture of AVEVA NET Workhub and Dashboard
Up-To-Date Digital Replica of an Asset
  • AVEVA NET Workhub acts as a centralized repository of information and AVEVA NET Dashboard provides enterprise-wide information access
  • Improved information standardization and enhanced data quality and integrity supports the many business processes involved
Data Support for Quality Decision Making during Project Delivery
  • From the moment the data is uploaded, the system creates and maintains a complete cross-reference index that links and associates all items in the information asset
  • The system highlights inconsistent or missing data against configurable rules, such as standard tag, date or data source formats
  • Users can combine multiple models from different sources in a single view. The 3D model can also be used to easily visualize the status of planning information
Picture of AVEVA NET Workhub and Dashboard
Picture of AVEVA NET Workhub and Dashboard
In-Context Connectivity to both AVEVA Design Tools and In-Service Assets
  • Switch on Design in Context™  capability by embedding search, associated content list and universal document viewing within AVEVA Everything3D, AVEVA Engineering, and AVEVA Diagrams
  • Users can also view and navigate hot-spotted laser scan BubbleViews, providing improved information contextualization for in-service assets
Optimized Scenario
Efficient access to project information both for the delivery and operation of large, complex capital projects in the process plant, shipbuilding and energy industries
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