AVEVA Outfitting

In full consistency with the hull model, use specialist 3D functions for the design and detailing of steel structures, piping, electrical and instrumentation items to create the outfitting part of a sophisticated ship model database.
Clear 3D visibility of the entire design created in both the hull and outfit applications.
  • Fully interactive, easy-to-use 3D design environment provides every designer on the project with modern 3D graphical interaction tools.
  • Sharing a common model between all disciplines, including hull design provides clash free results - a capability of the AVEVA clash manager.
  • Built-in intelligence, combined with configurable rules and associations, ensure that designers are highly productive during all design and modification activities.
  • Standard catalogs can be defined once and shared across multiple projects facilitating better communication, reduced rework and greater standardization.
Picture of AVEVA Outfitting
Picture of AVEVA Outfitting
Parts fit right first time in production.
  • Complex 3D models of equipment can be imported from vendors’ 3D CAD systems, using AVEVA Mechanical Equipment Interface™ and sophisticated checks can be carried out across all aspects of the design.
  • AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator™ integrates schematic diagrams (typically P&IDs) with 3D design, enabling an existing 3D model to be rapidly and fully checked against the schematic design at any time.
  • Eliminate fabrication and assembly rework with the early identification of outfitting support attachments and holes in hull steel.
  • Undo and Redo facilities are widely available. Whole or part projects can be rewound to any previous state.
  • Compatible with all the engineering issue, revision and change-control processes required.
All types of reports and schedules can be produced.
  • Accurate MTO (Material Take Off) information is available across all disciplines by item, unit, and area.
  • Production output of highly accurate cutting and marking information can be created for all types of outfitting items.
  • All drawings, annotation, and dimensions are produced directly from the model database and hence require fewer revisions, as these can be automatically produced just before being required in production.
Picture of AVEVA Outfitting
Optimized Scenario
Handle design and detail of outfitting requirements in marine projects in 3D using catalogs with parametric definitions of all components in the required size ranges, ratings, and types.
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