Toolkit to facilitate the upgrade of non-intelligent AutoCAD® drawings to intelligent P&ID drawings.
Create intelligent, project-wide data within a familiar AutoCAD® environment
  • By adding intelligence to dumb AutoCAD® drawings, users are able to import them into the P&ID system without the need to redraft.
  • AVEVA P&ID also stores all the intelligent engineering data onto the graphical entities in AutoCAD® drawings that can be used, if required, to regenerate the project database.
Picture of AVEVA P&ID
Picture of AVEVA P&ID
Automation functions make the P&ID drafting process fast and easy
  • P&IDs can be drawn once and reused within the design or elsewhere.
  • Data from multiple P&IDs can be edited in bulk via the Excel interface.
  • Properties, units, tag formats, and graphics can be set in the Project Administrator and automatically updated in existing P&IDs.
  • The data is then presented in the schematic database as a complete, connected, logical model of the plant or ship design.
Publish to, and retrieve data from downstream engineering applications
  • Users can export all of the intelligent data, such as lines, instruments, motors, and valves, directly from AVEVA P&ID to AVEVA Instrumentation and AVEVA Electrical.
  • Data from the instrumentation and electrical systems can be viewed on the P&ID drawing.
  • AVEVA P&ID design data can be saved directly to AVEVA PDMS, making it readily available to 3D designers.
Picture of AVEVA P&ID
Optimized Scenario
Can be used as a stand-alone application or as a fully-integrated key part of the AVEVA Integrated Engineering & Design suite of products ; Enables a wide range of documents (drawings, isolation, reports and lists) to be generated.
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Windows Operating System
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