AVEVA™ Pipeline Integrity Monitor

A holistic view on prevention, detection, and mitigation of pipeline leaks, allowing pipeline companies to select the leak detection solution that is best suited for their specific pipeline.
Leak Prevention
  • The pressure along the pipeline can vary greatly depending on different factors, e.g., elevation.
  • Having a simulation model to depict what is occurring within the pipeline in real-time is beneficial for pipeline operators to monitor maximum allowable operating pressures (MAOP) at locations in the pipeline where no physical measurement is available.
  • Thus, accurately assess the health of the pipeline and perform proactive maintenance on ‘at risk’ areas.
Picture of AVEVA™ Pipeline Integrity Monitor
Picture of AVEVA™ Pipeline Integrity Monitor
Leak Detection
  • Operators need to understand a single tool that does it all as opposed to multiple tools for each different methodology such as, Advanced Real-time Transient Model (RTTM), Compensated (volume balance, sometimes called our standard method), Pressure loss leak detection for pinhole theft and Rupture detection dependent on the implementation.
  • These methodologies (as per API RP 1130) allow for support across multiple types of pipelines and support the operator's ability to pull from the best in class for their respective operation and operating conditions.
  • They also, allow operators the opportunity to, for instance, begin with a compensated method and transition to RTTM when their operation necessitates it.
Leak Mitigation
  • Dynamic thresholds allow thresholds to be automatically raised and lowered due to activities being performed physically on the pipeline.
  • Leak location capability is available either to the nearest milepost or to the identified operating section.
  • Intelligent voting mechanism (alarm layer) for analyzing output from various leak detection methodologies to consolidate to a single leak/ no leak alarm.
Picture of AVEVA™ Pipeline Integrity Monitor
Optimized Scenario
Multiple leak detection methodologies under one offering to prevent, detect and mitigate commodity releases.
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