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View a current asset’s PLC control logic with real-time logic animation.
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Follow Current Context
  • Users can navigate PLC logic in the App to identify problem areas, investigate abnormal behavior, diagnose fault conditions, and identify interlocks that would otherwise require access to the PLC programming software.
  • Handles multiple programs simultaneously
Picture of AVEVA™ PLCViewerApp
Asset Mapping
  • Provision for an Asset naming map to translate names in the Application Server namespace to tag names in each PLC if the names are different
  • An asset mapping file contains a list of ArchestrA assets that represent physical objects like a pump or a valve in your production environment that are monitored and managed by a running ViewApp.
  • For example, you have an ArchestrA asset Pump001 and your PLC environment contains multiple controllers with the tag PMP001 - You can add a map for Pump001 that searches controller PLC01 for the tag PMP001.
Default or Custom Translation File Options
  • A translation file is an XML formatted file associated with the Rockwell Automation RSLogix 5000 ladder logic programming package.
  • The PLCViewerApp includes a default XML translation file that specifies the parameters that appear on a function block for RSLogix v30.
  • Use the default translation file or add a translation file that has been imported.
Picture of AVEVA™ PLCViewerApp
Picture of AVEVA™ PLCViewerApp
Expand and Explore with Flyover Help
  • Scroll around and explore the code as required
  • An optional tree view will visualize the entire PLC namespace and allow the user to explore further.
  • The PLCViewerApp includes a system of Flyover Help, which is shown by hovering your mouse directly over a function block to show the asset identifier associated with the block.
  • The Flyover Help can also show embedded Rockwell Compute expressions by hovering the mouse over a compute block title.
Developer Tools
Optimized Scenario
The PLCViewerApp provides a view within a layout pane to easily identify the current control states of a PLC while an InTouch OMI ViewApp is running.
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System Requirements
AVEVA System Platform 2017 Update 3 Service Pack 1
AVEVA System Platform 2017 Update 3 Service Pack 1 Patch 01
AVEVA System Platform 2020
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