AVEVA™ Process Simulation

Enable engineers to deliver the process side of the Digital Twin with an integrated platform that covers the entire process engineering lifecycle of design, simulation, and training.
Replace Point Solutions with a Single Unified Platform
  • In many plants, each simulation activity requires an individual point solution. With the AVEVA Process Simulation Platform, these activities can be performed in the same master simulation: the Digital Twin of your process
  • Standard model libraries provide a balance between a general platform and specialized applications
Picture of AVEVA™ Process Simulation
Picture of AVEVA™ Process Simulation
Design, Rating and Dynamics Modes in a Single Easy to Use Simulation
  • Change modes anytime and in any direction among flow-driven steady-state mode (Process), pressure-driven rating (Fluid Flow) and Dynamics - all with a single model
  • Designed with modern usability standards - easily recover from mistakes with undo and snapshots
  • Navigate intuitively using badges and notifications near the place of corrective action
  • Get instantaneous results throughout the user interface - no need to press a run button
Chemical Process Simulation and Optimization
  • Handle large, highly integrated process flowsheets with many re-cycles and complicated, global design specifications
  • Easily run optimizations on complex systems
Picture of AVEVA™ Process Simulation
Steam Balances and Dynamic Studies
Replace spreadsheets required for detailed steam balances and complex specifications with one integrated model that can be used for both steam balances and dynamics.
Distillation Column Relief
  • The steady-state process design simulation can be used for flare relief without creating a dedicated dynamic model
  • Dynamic simulations give more accurate results that can dramatically reduce the size of the relief valve and avoid replacements in brownfield retrofits
Picture of AVEVA™ Process Simulation
Picture of AVEVA™ Process Simulation
Flare Network Analysis
Engineers can size PSVs, size inlet and tailpipes on rated flow, evaluate multiple stacks with jumper valves, and determine stack flare radiation radius.
Heat Exchanger Tube Rupture
Predict the pressure surge in low pressure equipment and piping per (API 521
Picture of AVEVA™ Process Simulation
Optimized Scenario
Designed for process engineering, owner operator companies as well as companies writing their own models
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System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System