AVEVA Reactor Models

Create rigorous kinetic models - the digital twin for refinery conversion units. Helps in simulation, optimization, performance monitoring and linear programming updates to maximize reactor performance.
The Digital Twin of Reactor Units
  • AVEVA reactor models are open-equation based rigorous kinetic models with mass and energy balance.
  • They are updated automatically through ROMeo’s external data.
Picture of AVEVA Reactor Models
Picture of AVEVA Reactor Models
Optimizing Reactor Units
Rigorous reactor models allow optimizing the operation of the reactor units and maximize the benefit of ROMeo’s nonlinear optimization.
Greater Accuracy in Linear Programming (LP) Updates
Generate more accurate LP vectors for the reactor units from the Jacobian matrix (first order derivatives) of the reactor model rather than through tedious and time-consuming perturbation tests.
Picture of AVEVA Reactor Models
Picture of AVEVA Reactor Models
Catalyst Performance Monitoring
  • Monitor catalyst activity and selectivity real-time
  • Troubleshoot abnormal catalyst deactivation
  • Predict catalyst run-time
Offline Case Study
Use reactor models to do offline simulation, “what-if” case studies, feedstock selection, or offline optimization studies.
Picture of AVEVA Reactor Models
Optimized Scenario
Rigorous kinetic models with mass and heat balance ideal for refineries, ammonia and coal gasification industries.
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