AVEVA Space Management

Generate a full, room-oriented approach and enable advanced customization based on 3D volumes of the ship which can be reused in other modelling disciplines.
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Use a 3D Common Reference Model to precisely create the space arrangement.
  • Automatically create a ship subdivision in spaces using set Reference Surface Objects and meet the many requirements relating to the spatial layout during the early stages of design.
  • Reserve Spaces for different support systems, such as spaces running through multiple compartments for interconnecting pipes, cables, and ventilation.
  • Allocate Spaces for major machinery, equipment, and access and copy attributes from one space to another
Picture of AVEVA Space Management
Picture of AVEVA Space Management
Develop the optimum work breakdown structure for fabrication and installation.
  • Create physical blocks in AVEVA Hull Detailed Design™ from AVEVA Space Management with reference to the boundaries selected.
  • Outfitting designers can query space and surface attributes in order to make the right decision regarding pipe/HVAC/cable trays penetration systems, pipe or HVAC insulation, water tightness, and more.
  • Manage pipe/HVAC penetration in accordance with water tightness and SOLAS classification of the penetrated bulkheads/decks.
  • Create graphical reports on criteria for space attributes; e.g. actual steel weight compared to estimated weight.  Calculate weight, center of gravity and material list for Hull and Outfitting within a block.
  • All modelling work is carried out on the Common Reference Model, never on individual spaces within an arrangement and so reduces risk in the design of more complex ships.
Change and Reuse of Data
Changes such as the refinement of the outer shell surface, the moving of a bulkhead or even a complete rearrangement of a deck zone are applied to the elements of the reference 3D model. Due to their topological relationship to the reference model, the members of the structural model, as well as the space arrangements, all share the ability to automatically adapt to the changes.
Picture of AVEVA Space Management
Optimized Scenario
Create and manage the automatic subdivision of a ship's hull design.
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