AVEVA™ System Platform

A complete automation solution that delivers 40% engineering efficiency gains in the face of changing business and market demands by eliminating the need for scripting or customization while leveraging reusable visualizations.
The Only Distributed Industrial Operating Platform
Built like an operating system for industrial applications, AVEVA System Platform provides a single, scalable industrial platform designed to integrate your new and existing operational and IT systems into a unified visualization client, AVEVA InTouch Operations Management Interface (OMI).
Picture of AVEVA™ System Platform
Picture of AVEVA™ System Platform
Enabling the Operational Team Across Roles and Locations with a Unified Collaboration Experience
  • AVEVA System Platform is a unique collaboration platform for continuous improvement initiatives.
  • It ensures application integrity through corporate standardization compliance across processes, functional teams, and sites.
  • The entire system configuration, administration, and deployment can be managed locally or remotely.
  • Achieves a competitive edge by enabling rapid change management to align with changing business or technology drivers, automatically propagating changes systematically across projects.
  • Reduces risk and the time to results
Data Model Driven Navigation and Experience that Builds Itself
  • Plant Model Drives Automatic Navigation - AVEVA System Platform makes it a breeze for engineers and system builders to implement and maintain SCADA platforms by maximizing automatic reuse and distribution of engineering content across the project lifecycle.
  • I/O auto-assignment to greatly reduce traditional labor-intensive and time-consuming mapping to I/O.
Picture of AVEVA™ System Platform
Picture of AVEVA™ System Platform
Includes the Amazing AVEVA InTouch OMI
AVEVA System Platform includes AVEVA InTouch OMI, the world's first Operations Management Interface
  • A new way to design and execute rich,  modern user experiences that just work when viewed on any screen, from mobile phones to multi-panel integrated operating centers.
  • Self-configures based on the underlying digital twin of the plant or industrial asset
  • OMI Apps found on the Digital Exchange add incredible functionality that interacts with the overall user experience.
Empowerment of Operations Through Situational Awareness
  • Drive a plant or industrial asset using exception management.
  • The system enables awareness through ASM compliant graphics and alarm aggregation.
Picture of AVEVA™ System Platform
Picture of AVEVA™ System Platform
Community of Tools, Applications and Experts to Accelerate Success
Active community developing valuable add-ons to AVEVA System Platform
  • A rich set of applications built for AVEVA System Platform
  • Rich tools to enhance the engineering experience of AVEVA System Platform
  • Certified expertise in AVEVA System Platform
Optimized Scenario
Distributed Object model Supervisory Platform for Industry. Flexible distributed architecture, that scales out and up.
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System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System