AVEVA System Platform to IBM Maximo Integrated Solution

Ready-made solution template for integrating AVEVA System Platform with IBM Maximo to enable a range of common work order management functions directly from your HMI/OMI App, using the Reekoh Integration Platform.
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IBM Maximo Work Order Management direct from your HMI/OMI and System Platform
This solution seamlessly integrates data and requests from your HMI or OMI application running on AVEVA System Platform with work order management functions within IBM Maximo. Using the Reekoh Accelerate Integration Platform, this solution can be easily configured and deployed within hours, and can be further extended through the range of other pre-built integrations available.
 IBM Maximo Work Order Management direct from your HMI/OMI and System Platform
High-level Solution Architecture
Supported Work Management Functions
  • Site Lookup
  • Asset Lookup: by name, name prefix, asset type or location
  • Work Order Lookup: by site, work order status, work type, work order creation date or status change date
  • Work Order Creation
Additional Supported Functions
  • Controllable pagination
  • Utilising Reekoh's built-in cloud-hosted MQTT Broker
  • System independent messaging protocol, allowing utilisation with alternative Reekoh solutions
  • Multiple end devices with independent communication channels
  • Exception / error handling
  • Options for Cloud and On-Prem IBM Maximo deployments
The Reekoh Integration Pipeline for this Solution
Powered by Reekoh - The IIoT Integration Cloud
Powered by Reekoh - The IIoT Integration Cloud
Reekoh is an award-winning agile integration platform and technology suite that uniquely converges all aspects of the modern data landscape for enabling business outcomes; Physical (OT/IoT), Enterprise Application and Open Data (IT). Our tools empower enterprises across a wide range of market segments with capabilities to reduce complexity, remove barriers and accelerate time-to-value in their IIoT and data driven solutions. As an AVEVA Partner, we accelerate the digital transformation of industrial customers through low-code, plug’n’play OT/IT integration between existing legacy assets and systems and the IT/business layer.
Optimized Scenario
IBM Maximo work order data and management directly to/from your HMI/OMI App through System Platform