AVEVA™ XR for Operations and Maintenance

Model maintenance operations in extended reality by mixing physical and virtual environments for high interaction between humans and machines resulting in increased workforce efficiency.
Digitally Transform Operator Tasks
  • Render a Digital Twin–A complete high fidelity digital representation of a physical asset within an Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) or a Mixed Reality (MR) environment
  • A digital twin provides a safe, reliable environment to study, inspect, and test asset maintenance and optimization strategies prior to implementation.
  • Offers a powerful toolset based on Microsoft Visual Studio, DirectX, and the Windows API
Picture of AVEVA™ XR for Operations and Maintenance
Layer the Digital Twin with Augmented and Virtual Reality
Using a tablet device or Microsoft HoloLens, operators can actually view an augmented overlay of the physical asset, and access step-by-step procedures for maintenance or training needs.
Superior Maintenance
  • Accurate and timely collection of data
  • Proactively analyze and react to potential problems to increase efficiency
  • Empower personnel to act before equipment failures occur
  • Quality is “built-in” as complex tasks proceed
  • Best practices digitized and deployed
Picture of AVEVA™ XR for Operations and Maintenance
Optimized Scenario
Augment the maintenance operator's experience using Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies.
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