Callisto Integration Expertise Service

Integration services for PLC, DCS and SCADA applications including requirements, design, development, testing, commissioning, panel building, field wiring, and training.
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Consulting Services
Expertise in designing, implementing and supporting technology solutions helps its customers with developing and sustaining their unique value proposition and competitive advantage. This requires management to constantly align their technology solutions with operational business objectives and capabilities of their operations and human resources. Our consulting practice enables organizations to identify, define, analyze and prioritize operations execution needs to support and sustain its customer’s supply chain strategy.
Picture of Callisto Integration Expertise Service
Picture of Callisto Integration Expertise Service
Opportunity Analysis
Organizational successes and failures revolve around processes and technology solutions constantly being aligned with business objectives to ultimately yield free cash flow. The tighter the alignment, the greater the value becomes. With its solid methodology to identify critical operational needs, its recognized experience in defining, designing, implementing and supporting manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems, Callisto Integration is an ideal partner for any organization looking for a solid long-term partner in its quest for operational excellence.
Value drivers and EVA
High-performing organizations’ senior executives define broad business objectives in one or many areas (capacity, supply chain network, process technology, organizations). For some of these objectives, technology-based solutions will affect financial reports in different ways (Revenue increase and/or cost reduction are more likely to affect the Income Statement, working capital and/or fixed capital efficiencies are more likely to affect the balance sheet). But in the end, they impact the free cash flow. Ultimately, these organizations look for technology solutions that deliver economic value-add or EVA.
Picture of Callisto Integration Expertise Service
Picture of Callisto Integration Expertise Service
Proven Methodology
Evaluating systems that aid in meeting objectives can be overwhelming, and a system that does align with a company's implementation plan can even inhibit success. Callisto provides the expertise and methodology to ensure systems implemented best fit your company’s on-going needs.
Base Solutions Support
World Class solution support! Callisto Solution support can be purchased for any system regardless of the implementation was completed by Callisto. We offer a complete system inspection to understand the state of the current implementation and advice on support needs moving forward. We’re ready to support you!
Picture of Callisto Integration Expertise Service
Picture of Callisto Integration Expertise Service
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