Citect Historian Conversion

Historian evolution with a highly qualified team
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Why Evolve?
The Historian Powered by Wonderware offers several key benefits that all Citect SCADA customers can take advantage of. Notably:
  • Support for tag counts in the millions.
  • Hybrid architecture support that includes a secure, robust architecture for on-premises' Tier-1 Historians designed for low latency, high availability requirements, couple with a Tier-2 Historian architecture for reporting, dashboards, KPIs and other summary metrics at the enterprise level.
  • Native integration to a cloud based information management portal and mobile app called AVEVA Insight that enables data collection from any sensor, driver or protocol in any context whether it be existing operational technology networks or the newly evolving Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) landscape.
  • Incredibly fast and efficient high-volume storage and retrieval capabilities to quickly gain insight into time-series operational patterns and behaviors.
Picture of Citect Historian Conversion
Picture of Citect Historian Conversion
Historian Evolution Complexity
The Citect Historian to the Historian Powered by Wonderware evolution can range in complexity. A simple system using Citect Historian only to look at historical CitectSCADA data is a straight forward conversion. A Citect Historian that is connected to other systems can be more complex to evolve. Below is a list of systems that may need to be addressed as part of the conversion. In either case, hiring a team with both Citect and Wonderware experience, along with experience with the systems below is key to a successful project outcome.
  • Reporting (Dream Report, SSRS, etc.)
  • CMMS
  • GIS
  • SCADA trend screens
  • SCADA alarm screens
  • Network segregation (DMZ)
  • MES systems (Ampla, etc.)
  • Historical data retention
Company Qualifications
Successful transitions from a Citect Historian to the Historian Powered by Wonderware require many aspects of a Historian, and the SCADA system as a whole to be understood. In order to do this well, a team with the proper qualifications is required. This offer provides a company with the following qualifications.
  • Wonderware Certified System Integrator Partner - System Platform and inTouch
  • CSIA Certified
  • Automation Alliance Group partner
Picture of Citect Historian Conversion
Picture of Citect Historian Conversion
Team Qualifications
This offer also provides a team with the following qualifications:
  • Five Wonderware Certified Application Developers
  • Four Wonderware Certified Historian Developers
  • Six Wonderware System Platform training completions
  • One Palo Alto Networks Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE)
  • One Department of Homeland Security Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security (301) Trained engineer
  • Participation in multiple client Department of Homeland Security Audits
  • One Licensed Electrical Engineer in the State of California
  • Two Certified Project Management Professionals
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