Citect SCADA - Industrial SCADA

A scalable, flexible and highly distributable tag-based SCADA software, offering out-of-the-box redundancy, powerful scripting engine, and equipment model overlay. Best suited for site/multi-site control environments. All of this with better Context and Efficiency than before.
Focus on operator empowerment and engineering efficiency
  • A powerful operational framework acts as a "context-aware" workspace and allows effective replication of assets.
  • Native Alarm management capabilities reduce information overload and real-time decision making for the operator.
  • Comprehensive situational awareness library is available out of the box minimising design effort.
  • Universal connectivity to the AVEVA Industrial software portfolio.
Picture of Citect SCADA Access Anywhere
Access your Citect SCADA Access Anywhere system from any device. Securely. Real-time visibility into plant operations on the go. Turn your smart device into a powerful SCADA application extension capable of displaying, analyzing your operations.
Picture of Citect  SCADA  e-Training - Self Service Training
On-demand training that includes lectures and demonstrations to illustrate concepts and procedures. A number of eLearning modules based on the key and new features of Citect SCADA. Progress is bookmarked and completion is tracked.
Product tags
Picture of Citect SCADA - Industrial SCADA
Introducing the Workspace - A new way to build context aware SCADA Visualization
  • Separates content from layout/template for fast display and efficient engineering.
  • Equipment driven context system gives operators instant situational context.
  • Seamlessly weaves alarming, trending, interlocks and control together in a single interface.
  • Displays related information across multiple monitors without any coding.
  • Use the Workspace with your existing genies/pages.
Enhanced Alarm Management
  • Native Alarm Indicators, showing alarm border and flag for equipment in alarm
  • Apply alarm filtering based on equipment hierarchy or by severity.
  • Direct access to up to 8 sets of Alarm cause, response and consequences.
  • Move directly from the alarm page to the relevant workspace page with automatic item selection.
  • Alarm Shelving allowing you to temporarily silence alarms for a specific duration or until a specified time, with the ability to re-shelve as needed.
Picture of Citect SCADA - Industrial SCADA
Picture of Citect SCADA - Industrial SCADA
Comprehensive Equipment library
  • A wide selection of configurable symbols that follow industry best practises for Situational Awareness / Abnormal Situation Management.
  • Library includes Meters, Drives, Valves, Data and UI Elements, Polar Star, Bar Graph, and more.
  • Out-of-the-box symbol library significantly reduces time building graphics while giving the flexibility to customize objects to suit your unique needs.
  • Situational Awareness design helps to minimize visual distractions for operators, enabling timely decision making and helping to mitigate risk and operational downtime.
  • Symbols include Alarm Indicators to quickly draw operators attention and help locate the source of anomalies and associated severity.
Optimized Scenario
Scalable, flexible and highly distributable tag-based SCADA software, offering "out-of-the-box" redundancy, powerful scripting engine and Equipment model overlay. Ideal for custom, complex SCADA applications.
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System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System
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