Condition Management

Collect and analyze real-time diagnostics from plant production and operating condition of the assets to drive operations, engineering, and maintenance activities to improve asset performance.
Asset Availability
Early failure detection with Condition Management increases asset availability, reduces costs and avoids unnecessary maintenance and downtime.
Picture of Condition Management
Picture of Condition Management
  • Data is captured in real-time, near real-time, or historical records from virtually any source to facilitate analysis.
  • Operational groups then view the collected data that is stored in an Asset Registry.
The rules-based multi-variable engine provides context based on the rules and conditions configured or based on the tools already available in the organization.
Picture of Condition Management
Picture of Condition Management
Provides a common set of services (ArchestrA Services) to exchange information with other AVEVA software applications, as well as external systems.
The module provides a link to Asset Registry and a wide range of sources at the plant, and helps process engineers to configure monitoring parameters, analysis thresholds, and resulting actions.
Picture of Condition Management
More than preventive maintenance
Condition Based Maintenance Management
  • Allows organizations to move beyond simple calendar-based maintenance
  • Provides the opportunity to move from re-active to pro-active operations
  • Maximizes reliability and availability, balanced with utilization while managing complexity
  • Manages huge number of devices and assets from many different suppliers
  • Performs exception-based reporting and automation of data analysis to increase manpower efficiency
  • Provides collaboration environment for operations and maintenance
  • Interval extension or reduction in PM leading to higher availability
  • Catches problems early to reduce catastrophic failures to minor repairs
  • Notifications are triggered across mediums and these could be simple warnings, automated work requests, or complex workflow involving multiple departments.
  • A crucial module in a continuous improvement strategy
Picture of Condition Management
Optimized Scenario
Rules-based logic to automate the maintenance process through monitoring of user defined rules that initiate necessary maintenance activities
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