Control Configuration Manager

Industry’s first universal configuration solution that defines, programs and documents your control code into all your control systems from the HMI to your PLCs and I/O. Managing control strategies, code and standards across many PLC’s and SCADA/HMI systems.
Operational Consistency Across HMIs and PLC Vendors
Common set of standards for all platforms. Simplified reuse for standards adoption. Support for high variability with options. Assemble components with Intelligent Connectors. All-in-one templates with HMI data, control code, hardware configuration, Version management, tamper detection and more.
Picture of Control Configuration Manager
Picture of Control Configuration Manager
Low TCO: Standards Management and Impact Analysis
Control Configuration Manager uses change impact analysis combined with process state monitoring to synchronize change propagation across all components of a running control system. Seamless live synchronization of all components enables incremental improvement of operational assets in real-time. Control Configuration Manager’ run-time synchronization enables immediate asset performance improvements without the need to wait for scheduled downtime to deploy changes.
Lower Skillset and Experience Needed for Project Success. Faster Projects.
Create projects faster with improved re-use and agile templates. Reduced skill set required to assemble projects with intelligent connectors. Reduced site time by eliminating integration testing, Respond rapidly to late changes using template options and intelligent connectors. Train plant operators using simulation during FAT/SAT for improved site handover.
Picture of Control Configuration Manager
Optimized Scenario
Enable configuration/management of control strategies and HMI across different vendors - PLCs and HMIs to enable consistency of operations, while maintaining cost of ownership.
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Windows Server
Windows Operating System
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