CostOS Estimating

Powerful Estimating and Takeoff Software, with all the functionality you will ever need to rapidly price your projects.
CostOS - The Most Complete Cost Estimating Solution
CostOS is a modern, innovative cost estimating solution that can be used to estimate the cost of a project at various stages (from Concept to the Tender Phase). It can be used by Contractors, Subcontractors, Consultants, Project Owners, or Investors and Designers.
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Why CostOS?
CostOS is easy to learn, can do 2D (PDF, CAD), BIM and GIS takeoffs and can be applied on a wide range of projects from small contracts to megaprojects, in various sectors such as Construction, Oil and Gas, EPC, Mining, etc.
More Cost Certainty and Less Risk
For companies that want to increase their competitiveness by responding to modern estimating challenges: more quickly, with less effort, more accuracy, less risk, and with an increased level of confidence.
Picture of CostOS Estimating
Picture of CostOS Estimating
Win More Work
By combining traditional estimating methods with BIM 3D, 2D and GIS, CostOS is a powerful cost estimating software which allows you to be more efficient, more accurate and win more profitable work.
From feasibility or Cost Plan through to the final detailed bid on a single platform.
Picture of CostOS Estimating
Picture of CostOS Estimating
The cost estimating process is at the core of every project related company.
CostOS is a mission critical system which allows you to value engineer and differentiate your solution whilst meeting your clients' requirements. Request a Free Demo to Learn More.
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