Custom Process Training Services - Cloud

A customized system simulation experience for any industry as a cloud service and application content (DYNSIM model, InTouch HMI, e-Learning courses) are integrated and branded with your corporate Learning Management System (LMS) system.
Custom Training
Full IP management in your application with integration to your applications such as learning management system. Centralized hosting, support, and sustainability of your custom simulation.
Picture of Custom Process Training Services - Cloud
High Availability
Access from any device and anytime. Customized subscription-based models. Supports Training-as-a-Service and can be scaled up rapidly. High availability ensures 99.99% system uptime.
Applications Galore
Current choices of applications include: DYNSIM Version 5.3.1, 5.3.2, InTouch 1, Customer FIRST support program will soon be available: I/A DCS SCP, PLC-1
Picture of Custom Process Training Services - Cloud
Picture of Custom Process Training Services - Cloud
Real-time Support
Instant remote support access and resolution to help an engineer in cases of project defects, crashes, errors etc.
Optimized Scenario
Targeted for customers who require an online training services, but fully customized training scenario, purchased with expert services.
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