Energy Performance for F&B Manufacturing

Process energy efficiency and system reliability. Optimize process energy use and reduce unplanned downtime for improved performance for food and beverage manufacturing.
Reduce Energy Related Cost
Energy monitoring and cost allocation - Collect, calculate and report costs for buildings, departments, processes, shifts, lines, or equipment. Reduce expenses, enable best practices and validate all your conservation initiatives. Reduce peak demand, power factor penalties.
Picture of Energy Performance for F&B Manufacturing
Optimize Equipment Utilization
Keep track of key electrical parameters in your equipment and prolong the life of critical assets. Real-time and historical data reveals relationships between equipment and conditions affecting system stability. Monitor the power consumed by equipment and profile their electrical performance.
Ensure Electrical Network Reliability
Power Quality Awareness - Simplified details of power distribution system are provided for facility people to ensure electrical network health is in check at all times. Validate power quality complies with industry standards.
Picture of Energy Performance for F&B Manufacturing
Picture of Energy Performance for F&B Manufacturing
Optimize Process Energy
Maximize process energy efficiency and operate with energy cost as a real business driver. Track energy intensity KPIs and monitor energy usage in the context of process events. Energy per shift/crew, energy per batch, energy per work order, energy per product, and energy per production state.
Leverage Wonderware Installed Software
Extend existing PME install base with increased process alignment. Extend existing Wonderware System Platform process software with energy context. Flexible and scalable architecture
Picture of Energy Performance for F&B Manufacturing
Optimized Scenario
Enable plant energy optimization, stabilization relative to process context. Ideal for F&B manufacturing plants.
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