Enterprise Integrator - Connecting Business and Operations Applications

Enterprise Integrator (WEI) is a commercial off-the-shelf enterprise integration application that provides automatic data synchronisation/transfer between two or more business/plant systems via a robust and reliable message exchange service and to ensure manufacturing business continuity.
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Reliable System-to-System Information Exchange
Enterprise Integrator mediates and guarantees information exchange between systems with ‘Store & Forward’ capabilities for securing business continuity and fast recovery from system interruptions with a comprehensive message history and sophisticated error handling.
Picture of Enterprise Integrator - Connecting Business and Operations Applications
Picture of Enterprise Integrator - Connecting Business and Operations Applications
Industry Standards
Flexible message delivery capabilities including XML messages, File Drop, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) and SQL queries for data exchange. Extensible through reusable custom code plug-ins for custom data transformation with data translation and system connectivity.
Configuration and Administration
Enterprise Integrators Web-based user interface provides simplified user access for administration and configuration such as mapping of XML message, file or query data to MES database table parameters and a role-based security model for any action a user or role might need to perform including system monitoring and manual operator intervention for recovery or corrective actions.
Picture of Enterprise Integrator - Connecting Business and Operations Applications
Configurable mapping of MES table parameters to message/file properties and external DB tables.
Additional extensibility to add custom functionality, such as system connectivity, message transformation and translation.
Optimised Scenario
Designed to align the business applications such as ERPs to the operational execution systems of the plant. With the ability to be able to take production schedules from one ERP and distribute across multiple plants and capture the status and production results, leveraging ISA 95/ B2MML messaging.
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System Requirements
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2016