EYESIM AR/VR Immersive Training Systems

Extend your control room operator training to field and maintenance operators to not only capture best practices but to train and certify them so as to mitigate operational risks and hazards.
EYESIM - AR/VR Immersive Training - Learning
Experiential Learning
With maximum value from investment, the building blocks of simulation-based learning offer many choices - classroom, kiosks, mobile/tablets, and advanced training services. EYESIM - AR/VR Immersive Training can be used for different activities - procedure simulation in field or patrol, accidents simulation (with/without simulator), possibility to simulate malfunctions and accidents.
Virtual Reality System
Hardware agnostic interactive 3D virtual reality simulation environments for experiential learning and knowledge transfer for any industry, any equipment and any data source. Immersive photo-realistic training environment for Field Operators connected to dynamic process simulation and Panel Operator interface for total team training.
EYESIM - AR/VR Immersive Training System
EYESIM - AR/VR Immersive Training scope
Immersive VR Environment
From a 3D CAD or photo-survey or documents or laser scan, the environment could span from a single object to an entire facility or plant allowing realistic plant response to actions and facilitating knowledge capture and transfer to new operating teams.
Connected Environment
Any Data can be incorporated inside the 3D VR environment to create a rich and interactive application with connection to Dynamic Process Simulation and OTS systems for full Team Training of Panel Operators and Field Operators together. Actions taken have a direct reaction so that the trainees can experience the real world consequences of their actions.
EYESIM - AR/VR Immersive Training connectivity
NEKO Framework positioning
Positional Information
NEKO framework is positioning system agnostic of the working environment provides real-time positional information to the VR engine to assist the user navigation.
Holographic Control Room
Based on Microsoft HoloLens holographic computer with native connection to System Platform and ArchestrA.
EYESIM - AR/VR Immersive Training Integration
Optimized Scenario
Targeted at Field Worker Virtual Training, EYESIM - AR/VR Immersive Training with a proprietary technology included in the VR engine allows a level of photo realism that is unrivaled and helps in experiential learning and knowledge transfer for any industry
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